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Who we are?

GCD Partner LLP is Build Master Group’s project realisation division. We provide construction services of industrial facilities of any complexity and purpose. Our vast experience in construction and rich engineering base enables us to implement projects at a competitive price and in unprecedented terms, unlike our competitors.

Portfolio of construction sites gives GCD Partner a leading status of the industry in Central Asia, and an established partner network guarantees excellent communication, which is indispensable for the compliant construction procedures of your business.

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Expanding boundaries

GCD Partner is focused on construction of industrial facilities, however sufficient alignment of technical resources and multi-faceted experience of the staff allows us to offer a truly wide range of construction services to our customers, by type and purpose of object. We are lucky – establishment and development of our company happened in the peak conditions of the construction sector development. The current market conditions and industrial environment on top of our desire to constantly expand our competencies have given us the opportunity to equally master the construction of facilities of any type.

We obtain the experience and resources to achieve the construction of a large industrial facility or high-tech structure in any location in the quickest possible timeframe, including complete installation of its engineering systems. At the same time, we are able to build a villas community, an ultra-modern hotel, apartments block or an urban architecture object that can claim the status of a unique attraction.


Personal touch in client relationship

Application of the flexible approach to implement the desires of our client in order to achieve maximum alignment with expectations of the client.

Reliable business partner

In such an aggressive and dynamic business environment, GCD Partner is one of the few companies that can become a truly reliable partner in achieving long-term financial goals within the schedules and plans of client.

Quality and potential of completed projects

Providing a conceptual safety margin of industrial facilities for further modernization and compliance with international standards for the unification of maintenance processes for built facilities.

Engineering & Processing Database

In compliance with current international technological requirements and the use of our own engineering database of developments to achieve results which are not available to our competitors.

Company Resources

Over 50 unit of state of art machinery pool and top professionals in the market with a unique skills set. – is our formula for success.

Impeccable Reputation

Over 40 projects implemented allowed GCD Partner to generate an exclusively positive reputation.

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